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My oldest son and I    One of the best things about being a Shaklee distributor is the flexibility it allows me to also be a wife, mother, and full time care giver.  I have been in business for over twenty-five years and throughout those years raised my four sons.  Ten years ago, two of my sons were involved in a serious car accident and the oldest son suffered a traumatic brain injury.  He had to undergo many surgeries, hospitalizations, therapies, and much needed personal care yet my Shaklee business contunued to thrive because I was able to work my flexible business around his needs and care.

Nutrition has played an important part in my family's health. I have always had peace of mind knowing the purity and poteny of Shaklee products because of all their clinical studies and testings.  And because of this, I was able to persuade my son's doctors into giving him Shaklee products throughout his recovery.  Today, his doctors continue to be amazed at his improvements and acknowledge that Shaklee is the reason.

Shaklee offers an extensive line of products: nutrition, home care, personal care, and water purification. Find the equivalent Shaklee product of a product you are using in your home.  Try it and see the difference for yourself.  I know that you will love it and will soon be encouraging others to try Shaklee.  This in turn, can open a door for you to lead a "family network" that can help you earn enough to pay for your own Shaklee products and may even provide the potential to earn unlimited income in a home based business.  

When you experience the effects of Shaklee products first hand, it's simple and natural to share about them.  And when you do, you will be rewarded personally and financially.  This is an excellent opportunity to start up a business that provides flexibility around your daily schedule.  Shaklee provides the foundation of healthy products.  Start up costs and other factors that come with starting a business have been eliminated.  And you reap the benefits of a healthier lifestyle and extra income in your pocket!